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Wow. Leslie and her horses made a profound impact on my life. They are all so calm and grounded. They all greet you with open hearts and kindness. It was just an amazing opportunity to be in the present moment with the horses and tap into my own wisdom with their careful guidance. My thanks to Leslie and the herd!  PJ - Green Bay WI

I am so appreciative of Leslies guidance with the horses. She leads you with such calm and grace, you feel completely safe and so blessed. This is all new to me, and I am blown away by the wisdom I am gaining and the joy I am feeling. I cant wait for my next visit!!      CR - Sturgeon Bay WI

     Mrs. Leslie’s farm field trip was an amazing experience!  We learned the importance of kind and gentle communication.

     Sometimes I don’t do things people ask me to do and after they tell me that to do something in a fierce and aggressive way, I try to avoid them.  I would think “ugh” this person is mad, get me out of here! If they would have said that I should do something kindly and less aggressive I would have done the task and carried on with my day.  Now I didn’t know that until we visited Mrs. Leslie’s farm. 

     Being kind and communicating with people and animals in a gentle way connects to Mrs. Leslie’s story with her horses because she didn’t find perfect horses and she had to be kind and gentle with them since they had been in bad accidents and some had bad care from their owners. 

     Not only did we learn new communication skills, but we also had a TON of fun!  Her field trip was amazing and it was nice to learn in a fun way! 

     Thank you Mrs. Leslie!!

      AS - Ellison Bay

The fifth graders embarked on a field trip to Leslie Leline’s horse farm. The students learned about the impact of clear and thoughtful communication through their interactions with Leslie's horses and each other. They learned that words spoken with kindness and clarity are powerful and healing. The students thoroughly enjoyed their time with the horses and Leslie. 

Mrs. K -  Fish creek WI

Leslie works magic on horses and humans alike. She exudes the qualities any sane being would seek in a teacher, coach, mentor or friend: humility, compassion, patience, unconditional love. To be in her presence, with or without her horses, is to not only touch the light within ourselves, but embrace its truth. 

With deep gratitude,

CF, Santa Fe, NM

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